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"When it comes to naval thrillers, Rick Campbell is the best author working today. In fact, he might be the best since Tom Clancy." — The Real Book Spy

Rick Campbell, a retired Navy Commander and writer for Macmillan / St. Martin's Press, is the author of several bestselling military and submarine thrillers. His first four books were released to critical acclaim and were Top-50 national bestsellers and Top-20 bestsellers at Barnes & Noble. His fifth book - Treason - releases at bookstores everywhere in early 2019, with another book under contract for early 2020.

The best submarine novel since Tom Clancy’s classic The Hunt For Red October.” — Booklist

“Another riveting military action thriller from Rick Campbell... a must-read for fans of this genre.” — Publishers Weekly

— “Exciting and intense! I realized when I finished that I had been holding my breath for way too long! — BookLikes

— “
Boasting one of the most timely stories in the genre, Blackmail is one of the finest thrillers published in 2017. As the final ships are sunk and both sides in the war switch to their Plan B’s, one thing is for sure. It's only the beginning of a thriller novel tour de force. — Goodreads

— Releases early 2019

— Releases early 2020

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